Life at Eulith

We hire the best software engineers across all technical industries including operating systems, device drivers, Al, and circuit engineering. We do not place a high priority on Web3 experience. We look at your technical foundation, output, obsession, and curiosity.


Big Responsibility

We provide responsibility proportional to performance, not experience or tenure. For each member qualified to join our team, that means big responsibility and opportunities for growth.

Compensation & Equity

We have high expectations and, in return, reward team members with competitive base salaries and generous equity bonuses.

In The Office

Nothing is required, but almost everyone comes to the office 4-6 days/week.

Highly Collaborative

We foster a highly collaborative environment. Team members are encouraged to ask questions, share expertise, and engage in collective problem solving.

Medical Insurance

We provide company medical insurance.

Unlimited PTO

Kind of. This isn't adult day care.

Open positions at Eulith

We do 2 things: we ship product and we talk to clients.