Credibility in Asset Management, On-Chain.

Eulith provides asset managers and accredited investors with insured, cutting-edge technology and financial services to access & manage capital on-chain.


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At Eulith, we understand DeFi. Our team has been building in traditional fintech since 1999 and in DeFi since 2017. Eulith leadership has advised the SEC and led the development of one of the largest Ethereum code bases (14,000 Solidity/Yul LOC, ca. 2021).

We bring capital to systematic managers and traders, while in parallel, helping them maximize risk adjusted returns across DeFi and CeFi.

We give allocators and investors secure, transparent access to the most exclusive managers in digital assets via SMAs, across CeFi and DeFi.



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The Eulith Edge

Industry leaders use our products to improve their security, risk management, and PnL.

A policy engine for Safe users.

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The first DeFi native Position Order Execution and Management System ("POEMS").

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A vetted network of fund managers and capital allocators.

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