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A robust set of features

Efficiently Transport Strategies

Transport your existing strategies to new markets and networks more easily. We solve for engineering whack-a-mole so you can focus.

Network Optimizations

Leverage our “meta-aggregator” service optimizes reliability, throughput, and performance.

MEV Tools

Generically bundle any set of transactions together atomically. Add a flash-loan or a flash-swap. All without writing any Solidity.

Latest Block and Mempool Data

Stream granular on-chain data via wss or http. We stream uni v3 tick-specific liquidity data, real-time.

Client Libraries

Leverage our fully expressive Rust client library (we also support Python and Typescript).

Rust Experts

Our whole backend is written in Rust. We’re contributors to Foundry and Anvil.

High Frequency Tools & Optimizations

Our highly optimized execution engine makes our clients competitive with the best performing prop firms in the industry. We build core infrastructure so clients can focus on their niche expertise without sacrificing baseline performance.

Generically bundle any set of transactions into 1 atomic transaction. Add a flash loan generically to any atomic bundle.

Our code makes it easy to port your strategies to new networks and new markets.

Network layer optimizations get you data and propagate your transactions faster than the competition. Our services do not go down and do not drop transactions.

On-Chain Trading & Mempool Data

We provide clients with extremely fast, expressive, and granular data that's easy to digest. Get all your on-chain from one location and without overpaying.

We aggregate and stream on-chain pricing data, protocol data, and mempool data (for Ethereum and Polygon) that's easy to digest.

Use our historical data for back testing quantitative strategies.

We stream granular data fast, such as tick-level Uni v3 data with network optimizations to get the most recent block faster than the competition.

Client Libraries

We have the most expressive client libraries in DeFi. Leverage our libraries in Python, Typescript, and Rust. Firms use our libraries to create arbitrage and yield farming bots, run quantitate trading strategies on Uni V3, and systematically hedge their portfolio exposure.

Language Support: Python, Typescript, Java, Go, and Rust
Connectivity: Https & Wss

Our client libraries are wrappers around Web3, which makes the integration simply copy & paste.

Bindings: We generate bindings to Solidity contracts to streamline protocol integrations in your preferred language. These bindings are shipped with our client libraries.

Our Security Approach

There's a misconception in the industry, that loss of funds from smart contract hacks and on-chain market manipulation are unavoidable. We've found that in a majority of cases, firms who lost large amounts capital on-chain could have avoided the loss with basic automated protections including: independent signers, (proxy) approval management, and execution triggers.

We have structurally embedded these and many more features, so your trading is secure by default.

"Eulith is one of the few companies tackling real security problems."

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