Traders And Fund Managers

Attract Capital at Scale,
Evaluated by Experts.

Attract capital based on your unique risk management techniques
instead of your sales & marketing ability.


Institutional Equity and Debt On- & Off- Chain

Raise capital in the form of debt or equity from vetted allocators in one place. We only on-board allocators who we've verified as actively seeking to deploy capital into crypto strategies. Borrow capital on margin both on-chain and off-chain. Spend your time finding alpha instead of shaking hands.

Raise LP capital at scale.
Raise LP capital from a large network of crypto-native, institutional allocators who are eager to deploy, with capital on a platform that has near-0 friction.

Borrow on margin both on-chain and off-chain.
Borrow on margin on CEXs and on-chain. Our liquidation engine is industry leading in its ability to protect investors principal on-chain, making it feasible to lend. We work with a diverse array of off-chain lenders and aggregate that functionality into one trading system.

Source capital & market insights in one place.
Save your time from going door-to-door. Let us aggregate capital and information so can focus on your competitive edge.

On- & Off-Chain SMAs

Poems is designed to help fund managers attract more capital and manage it at scale.

Poems is designed to help fund managers attract more capital and manage it at scale.

Proper SMA infrastructure makes allocators more comfortable and more likely to invest.

Our powerful and intuitive interface allows you to efficiently manage multiple investor accounts at scale.

Legal & Regulatory Infrastructure

Operating a digital asset hedge fund, especially in today's regulatory environment, can be overwhelmingly expensive. Teams with startup capital should spend money on bigger talent instead of bigger legal bills. We have invested in robust legal and regulatory infrastructure with the intention of amortizing that cost across a large client base. Plus, you always have the option to do it yourself later.

Traders who are not in a position to take discretion can act in a research capacity, where we make discretionary decisions from your data and trading signals. We carry the legal and regulatory obligations of that discretion.

Offload the burden of a costly legal & regulatory setup onto us. This "hedge fund hotel" product exists for fund managers in almost all asset classes.

Claim lower fees on centralized exchanges. We host the account, you manage the sub-account.

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