Investors And Capital Allocators

Software for Security,
Transparency, and Control

Invest in digital asset fund managers using
software built for security, transparency, and control.


Software for Security, Transparency, and Control

We aim to provide allocators with enhanced levels of security, transparency, and control around their capital exposure. We have detailed solutions to each of these verticals.

Our DeFi Armor product prevents on-chain capital from being stolen or misappropriated.

We provide dashboards with data for security, execution, and AML risks, venue exposure, and more.

We're the first company to enable proper on-chain SMAs. Your assets sit in your segregated account, to which you hold the private keys.

Proprietary Data Insights

We integrate external data providers behind one endpoint, and when the market can't service our clients, we build the solution ourselves. This often means solving "the hard problems" in technically challenging areas.

On-chain data is nuanced and complex. Providers can miscalculate seemingly simple values such as NAV due to inconsistencies that arise from the underlying contract integrations. We due diligence the incoming data and build in-house fixes.

Customize the metrics you monitor. Use the same metrics across all your fund investments to weed out creative accounting.

Work from your preferred PMS. Data is easily streamed from our system to yours over https or ws.

Powerful and Intuitive UI

View all of your investments in one place, real-time.

View portfolio level data with the ability to click into each fund. Gauge security, AML, venue, and asset exposure across entire portfolio.

Track real-time data across entire portfolio. Don't wait a month for an update.

Get independent monitoring from a high-tech service provider. Don't rely on fund admins who ask the managers for screenshots of their NAV.

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