About Us

The Eulith team has been building in traditional fintech since 1999 and in DeFi since 2017. Their leadership has advised the SEC and led the development of one of the largest Ethereum code bases globally (14,000 Solidity/Yul LOC, ca. 2021).

The breadth and depth of their experience is reflected in their products' robust engineering. Their last enterprise, a digital assets derivatives exchange and CLO market, was acquired by Amber Group in 2021.


Partners & Advisors

Hear what our partners and advisors have to say.

Andrew Keys

"Eulith is one of the most credible teams in digital assets."

Eden Woon

"I've known the founder for about a decade and can attest to his trustworthiness."

Tom Geary

"Based on my research, Eulith has the best risk management capabilities of anyone at the intersection of trading off- and on-chain"

Kelvin Koh

"Eulith has some of the best tech in the industry for on-chain asset management."

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