Access the Most Exclusive Strategies, Vetted by Experts.

Access an exclusive network of the best fund managers and vetted capital allocators in digital assets, across both on-chain and off-chain strategies.


Traders & Fund Managers

Institutional Debt & Equity Capital Scale

1. Raise institutional LP capital at scale.
2. Borrow on margin both on-chain and off-chain.
3. Source capital in one place.

On- & Off-Chain SMAs

1. Give your clients additional protection and control with SMAs.
2. Managers hold trading keys, allocators hold withdrawal keys.
3. On-boarding is easy and seamless for both traders and allocators.

Legal & Regulatory Infrastructure

1. Let us take discretion from your trading signals and research (optional).
2. Off-load the burden of a robust but costly legal & regulatory setup onto us.
3. Claim lower fee tiers on centralized exchanges.

Investor & Capital Allocators

Strategies in USD, ETH & BTC Equivalents

1. Get upside exposure to actively managed strategies denominated in USD, ETH, or BTC equivalents.
2. Lend to professional managers protected by a state of the art liquidation engine and legal recourse.
3. See alternative investment opportunities in one place.

Due Diligence,
Standardization & 
Risk Controls

1. We work together with Caisel Cove to due diligence managers.
2. View standardized metrics across managers.
3. Investors set parameters to control venue and asset exposure.

SMAs: A Credible Third Party

1. DeFi & CeFi SMAs: Your assets sit in your segregated account, to which you hold the private keys.
2. View independently verified, real-time financial, security, execution, AML scores, and more.
3. As a credible third party, guarantee there are no backdoors.

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