Get Paid to Trade: DeFi for CeFi Firms.

Poems is the first DeFi native Position Order Execution and Management System. Discover how CeFi and DeFi native firms are effortlessly managing their risk and get paid to trade.

Poems By The Numbers

75 bps

Average Price Improvement On-Chain

2 hours

Full integration and on-boarding time for Binance users.
If it's not done in 2 hours, you get it free for 3 months.

0 min

Time You Spend on

Engineering Whack-a-mole

Pen-Tested, Audited, Secured by Safe

Trading Tools & Algorithms

1. Simple & Smart TWAP.
2. Liquidity Aggregation Algos.
3. Short and Stop Loss.

Data Feeds
& DeFi RFQ

1. Easy to digest on-chain pricing & protocol data.
2. Historical on-chain data for back testing.
3. We stream very fast, very granular contract data.

Pre-Trade Risk & Automated Triggers

1. Security, AML, and Execution metrics.
2. Synthesized data across risk data providers.
3. Set enforced triggers across any risk category.

Powerful & Intuitive Interface

1. View portfolio level data with the ability to click into each fund. Good for SMAs.
2. Exchange, lend, or simply transfer. Everything you need in one place.
3. Export trading data for easy reporting.

Proprietary Data Insights

1. Monitor the financial metrics right for you.
2. Setup automated alerts in the case of stablecoin de-pegging or security events.
3. Work from your existing PMS via our APIs.

Security, Transparency & Control

1. Our DeFi Armor product prevents on-chain capital from being stolen or misappropriated.
2. View security, execution, AML scores, and more.
3. Separate trading and operation keys, on-chain and off-chain, so you stay in control.

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We're on all major EVM networks.
Adding Cosmos next.


Frequently asked questions

Does Poems work for both CeFi and DeFi?

Yes. Our edge is in on-chain trading, however the system supports off-chain trading as well. If you don't intend to do anything on-chain, our system is not a good fit for you as there are other firms who do CeFi better. If you do intend to trade on-chain, Poems is probably your best option.

What is the worst thing that could happen to me if your system is hacked?

We do not custody your keys. If Poems was hacked, there is an independent, client-side system that reviews any transactions from the server. Both this system and additionally your custodian would be able to reject it. We strongly recommend using Poems with DeFi Armor, which will enforce a hardened layer of security.

How do I sign up?

You call us. Every client speaks to at least 1 founder. Once we know who you are, the sign-up and on-boarding is streamlined.

Can you see my trades?

You as the client can choose to route the trades through us, or simply use our system to construct the trades, but route through another service. In the later case, we will not see your transactions.

In all cases, our Terms of Service state we cannot use or disclose any client specific information, which is the same guarantee given by almost all comparable service providers.

How does custody work?

Poems is non-custodial. You hold your keys entirely independent of us.

What if I want to add a new network or protocol?

We can add any EVM network with a 12 hour turn around. Poems is protocol agnostic, so you can programmatically use it with almost any protocol.  If you need to use the protocol from the, where it doesn't work out of the box, our turn around time is typically ~24 hours.