Investors and capital allocators

Access Exclusive Strategies.

Access the most exclusive crypto strategies,
equipped with the most powerful on-chain risk management platform on the market.


Strategies in USD, ETH & BTC Equivalents

View all of your investments in one place.

Get equity exposure to professionally managed, active, systematic strategies denominated in USD, ETH, or BTC equivalents both on-chain and off-chain.

Get debt exposure to professionally managed strategies on-chain and off-chain. Your assets are protected by a state of the art liquidation engine and legal recourse. You chose what assets and venues you're comfortable with.

See alternative investment opportunities for both active and passively managed strategies in one place.

Due Diligence
Standardization & 
Risk Controls

Managers with sophisticated on-chain strategies are notoriously hard to due diligence due to the technical complexity. Meanwhile, managers and strategies with exceptional risk management techniques go undervalued because the industry can only evaluate surface level performance metrics. In parallel, different managers use different assumptions for the same calculations, e.g. Sharpe; consequently, investors end up unknowingly comparing apples to oranges.

We work in conjunction with Caisel Cove to due diligence managers across financial, technical, and operational metrics. Investors see both static and live DD data for each manager on their dashboard.

View standardized metrics across managers. Decide the metrics important to you and apply them to each strategy across your entire portfolio, so you're confidently comparing like-for-like.

Set risk parameters to scope your investments to the venue and asset exposures you're inherently comfortable with. These risk parameters are enforced by our execution engine, entirely independent from the manager or strategy.

SMAs: A Credible Third Party

We aim to provide allocators with enhanced levels of security, transparency, and control around their capital exposure. We have detailed solutions to each of these verticals.

Eulith Capital is built on DeFi Armor, which prevents on-chain capital from being stolen or misappropriated. Our technology guarantees you're only exposed to the trading strategy, and avoid the long tail of security, operational, and counterparty risks.

View live dashboards with independently sourced data for financial, security, execution, and AML risks, venue exposure, and more. View fund allocations separately or as global portfolio.

Stay in control with proper on-chain SMAS. Your assets sit in your segregated account, to which you hold the private keys. Unfortunately, we've witnessed managers build backdoors into their "SMA," harming unassuming investors. We believe there is a deep need for a credible third party who can guarantee there are no backdoors in the control flow.

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