Senior Backend Engineer

New York, NY
Full time


Job description

We’re looking for a backend engineer. Someone who foresees the embedded risks and complexity of every “simple” feature, then writes and tests code as if it’s their mother’s life-support system. Your PRs have made the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and contain the answers to Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind. If you carry around a proof for P ≠ NP in your back pocket, please reach out.

Job responsibilities

  • Architect backend features, develop them in Rust, test rigorously, submit PRs, review PRs.
  • Your PRs should indicate a thorough understanding of the whole problem (no “guestimate solutions”) and an internalization that your code will go straight into production.
  • Code should follow best practices, which you should already be intimately familiar with. Best practices referring to e.g. Clean Code by Robert Martin.
  • Your work is done with memory management, time/space complexity, and security in mind.
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